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Crizal lenses in Boca Raton Florida

Crizal Easy UV™ No-Glare lenses are just that - Easy to clean, now with the most complete daily UV protection.

Crizal Easy UV™ No-Glare lenses offer glare and scratch protection, along with smudge resistance that’s superior to every competitor’s No-Glare lens on the market today.

Protect your Eyes: Crizal Easy UV No-Glare lenses feature exclusive Broad Spectrum Technology™ (Patent-pending) to provide the most complete daily UV protection for long-term eye health while maintaining maximum visible light transmission for crisper, clearer vision.*

Now providing the most complete daily UV protection with an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) of 25.

Protect your vision: Crizal Easy UV lenses are scratch-resistant and durable to withstand life's daily wear.

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Crizal lenses in Boca Raton Florida

Protect your kids’ vision and their eyes with Crizal Kids UV™ No-Glare lenses.

Features superior smudge-resistant technology that makes the lens super easy to clean and helps it stay that way longer.
Uses no-glare technology that reduces glare from fluorescent lights, whiteboards and computer screens to prevent tired eyes and headaches.
Features scratch- and impact-resistant, so your child's lenses will last longer.
Made with with safe, durable and impact-resistant Airwear® polycarbonate lens material.
Provides the most complete daily UV protection, with an eye-sun protection factor (E-SPF®) of 25. This means your child's eyes are 25 times more protected than without any lens
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